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November 1, 2017

Reliant helping Central Florida camp raise $5 million
Lake Swan retains Reliant for major fundraising campaign

Putnam County, FL –– Lake Swan Camp will soon celebrate it’s 100th anniversary with an event being called The Centennial Campaign, officially kicking-off Saturday November 18, 2017.

A fundraising video that was written, filmed, edited and produced by Reliant Florida’s public affairs team takes major donors on a journey through a century of stunning wonders that most people never knew existed. Positioned between the pristine waters of Lake Swan (on the camp’s north bank) and Lake Rosa (on the camp’s south bank) the hallowed grounds of the Melrose Florida site comes to life in the new video.

Beginning with drones flying over both captivating lakes, the remarkable story of how Lake Swan Camp was founded a century ago is revealed in fascinating detail, which even includes unearthed images discovered in the camp’s archives.

Camp Director Perry Rollins said previews of the video have already generated significant fundraising, even before the video’s official release scheduled on November 18, 2017.

The drone imagery is stunning, the brilliantly-written script is inspiring, and the creativity took our breath away.” said Rollins.

The Christian camp’s 100th Year Plan will be unveiled at the November 18th banquet, which includes infrastructure improvement goals combined with new camp amenities. The $5 million fundraising goal is expected to be funded by corporate sponsors and faith-based donors attending the banquet, and future events leading up to the 100th anniversary.

Reliant Florida CEO Matt Justice said fundraising can be a challenging endeavor in any campaign.

We usually start by empowering our clients with a reasonable plan to build a solid foundation,” Justice said. “We don’t raise money for our clients, but instead we provide them with sustainable tools and strategic resources to pursue their longterm objectives.”

One such strategy was to showcase the video prior to the November 18 premiere. In October, Rollins took the video on a private exhibition tour throughout Florida. Over a span of weeks, he spoke with select ministry donors, presented the new video, and has already generated $70,000 in sponsorship revenue as a result of the sneak-preview campaign.
Watch video here ↓


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September 23, 2017

Army Ranger Combat Veteran contracts Reliant for 2018 bid

Jacksonville, FL –Major Jim Glover (ret) gave an impressive interview with Reliant Florida’s public affairs team for his first news release, highlighting credentials well suited to serve the citizens of Brevard County if elected Commissioner in 2018.

The retired U.S. Army Ranger who received the Bronze Star Medal while serving 7 combat tours over 2 decades, recently filed to run for County Commissioner in the district home to Kennedy Space Center. He said experienced, trusted leadership is needed at this critical time where the local economy is positioned to take off.

“We want this to be the center of gravity for the space industry, and it can be. Other cities and states are vying for it and we have to go get it,” Glover said.“We have the history. We need to take bold steps together to capitalize on opportunities and build our future.”

Glover, 47, served in active duty for 21 years, retiring in 2014. The Army Major crafted and oversaw $100 million budgets, going to Capitol Hill with command staff to present those budgets to Congress. Glover will use his valuable experience with complicated yet transparent budgets to protect the hard-working taxpayers of Brevard County.

“The taxpayer is the ultimate boss for me. As an Army officer, I worked for the American people,” Glover said. “My soldiers did not serve me, I served my soldiers. I woke up at 4 o’clock every morning to make myself a better leader. Not for me, but for them.”

Glover’s education includes a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Massachusetts, a Master’s Degree from Webster University, and he’s is now in his final year of Law School and gaining valuable experience interning as a prosecutor at the State Attorney’s Office in Brevard County. Glover is also a graduate of Ranger School, Special Forces Selection; where he was specially selected to serve at the elite Asymmetric Warfare Group.

Matt Justice, Reliant’s CEO, said the pull toward service will always be strong for Glover.

“Jim’s stellar military leadership laid a bedrock of service that equips him to uniquely guide his community” Justice said. “Looking at his credentials I can say Jim Glover is a man that’s established himself as a public servant who’s earned the trust of many.”

Justice also correlated similarities between military leadership and municipal leadership. “Both roles require considering a multitude of voices, making rapid yet responsible decisions, and wisely discerning the best course of action.”  he added.

Following the interview, Reliant’s public affairs team produced a highlight-video to accompany the news release.
Watch the video:



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July 2, 2017

Drones take flight with new addition to Reliant’s film production apparatus

New York, NY – Based in the outer parameter of JFK airport and servicing every major trade-port in the world, Galaxy Worldwide became the first video production client benefiting from Reliant Florida’s new drone inventory. The corporate video, premiering July 2017, highlights Galaxy’s massive transportation network in ocean, ground and airfreight markets.

The outdoor drone scenes achieved some remarkable production angles,” said Reliant Florida CEO Matt Justice. “but it was the indoor scenes that amazed me the most, as our crew maneuvered complex flight patterns inside a logistics warehouse bustling with forklifts, cargo and actors, leaving us little room for error. I’m very proud of our team’s operational safety skill.”

The global logistics production was shot in multiple locations in Florida and New York.

With drone equipment adding to Reliant’s in-house film production assets, clients can expect to see some sophisticated new vantage points in the 2018 election cycle of TV commercials.

In the political sector Reliant has been contracted to oversee scores of Florida campaigns over the past 15 years, and is recognized statewide as a reputable source for political consulting, polling and corporate advertising  specializing in business development strategy.

I’d like to personally thank the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce for their hospitality during the Florida portion of the filming. From the professional cooperation we received from JaxPort, to the accessible corporate indoor space for shooting, the Jax Chamber proves time and time again how valuable our membership and trustee affiliation has been over the years. The accommodating atmosphere is why half of the New York production budget was spent in Florida’s First Coast.” said Justice.



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May 3, 2017

BCX Looks to Reliant for Expansion Deal
Reliant will help Florida-based agency expand nationally

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Guiding employers through an ever-changing regulatory environment, Background Checks Express, Inc (BCX) is trusted by more than 200 U.S. companies to screen potential employees and is now expanding into more industries.

Following a comprehensive business development deal with Reliant Florida, BCX will undergo a corporate rebranding campaign while focusing on a nationwide expansion of its criminal background checking agency to a broader scope of business entities.

BCX is a hands-on alternative to the so-called “instant online” programs that can be incomplete for filled with erroneous information about a potential new hire. BCX works directly with corporate HR departments to conduct real screenings. BCX consultants are then available to help interpret the results, guide the company through the legal process, and update HR personnel with current-day best practices and regulatory employer requirements.

“At a time when more companies want to conduct real and complete background, credit, citizenship, international searches and other proprietary data, we are ready to help position BCX as a thorough provider,” said Reliant Florida CEO Matt Justice. “I’m confident our unique branding capabilities will meet all expectations.”

Some of the main industries BCX works with include; medical practices, private education, trucking, marketing & sales, and technology. Recently, BCX expanded its reach to work with restaurants and property management companies – both for potential employees and potential tenants. BCX has far-reaching and proprietary data that reveal information beyond the scope of standard corporate programs, and will tailor a search plan to meet any business’ needs.

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March 5, 2017

Video Highlights Lake Swan Outdoor Adventures

Melrose, FL – A new educational video premiering February 2017 features Lake Swan Camp’s outdoor school program for faith-based institutions. The production was written, filmed, directed and edited by Reliant’s public affairs team. Predominantly known for impactful network TV commercials in political campaign season, Reliant Florida is beginning to welcome corporate projects during the off-election periods.

I’m proud to say that we’re expanding beyond the scope of our network TV advertising specialty with more projects in the private business sector,” said Reliant Florida CEO Matt Justice. “Clients seeking corporate videos for websites, social media and business promos are turning to us more often and we love meeting their expectations.”

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December 1, 2016

The Reliant Florida 5K this weekend
Florida consulting firm is this year’s title sponsor

Keystone Heights, FL – Positioned in a unique community where 4 counties (Bradford, Clay, Putnam & Alachua) all connect, the area known as “Florida’s Lake Region” will play host to an annual holiday season race: The Reliant Florida 5K. Organized by Hope Christian Academy, the race route begins and finishes on the HCA campus.

In 2015 Reliant sponsored a team to run the 5K, in which 6 Reliant employees participated as runners in the event. Taking the sponsorship up to the next level, the firm became the race’s title sponsor in 2016. Now the event (officially named The Reliant Florida 5K) continues to benefit Relay for Life, the signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society who is taking action against cancer in more than 5,200 communities across 20 countries, making a global impact to finding a cure.

Reliant employees served up a creative ad campaign to increase participation for the event. The ads feature engraved medals and other prizes that can be won by crossing the finish line. The promos ran in local newspapers and social media.

“I’m very proud of our public affairs team who created such a dashing promotional campaign. Sponsoring an event that promotes healthy living is both fun and important to us,” said Reliant Florida CEO Matt Justice. “Our Community Partners Initiative includes positive outreach events like this and our employees are looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend.”

The 5K is open to anyone who wants to run at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday December 3rd. Lineup is at the Academy’s East parking lot. Following the run participants are encouraged to stay for other festivities including: “Christmas on the Campus”, a car show, live music, food trucks, and holiday vendors.

Reliant Florida Consulting specializes in political consulting, polling and public policy issues. In the 2016 election cycle, voters elected Reliant clients to several key positions including new Sheriffs in Clay and Baker Counties; the re-election of Circuit Court Clerks in Duval, Clay and Union Counties; plus several municipal and judicial elected positions this year.


Media inquiry: Victoria Denmark (904) 910-7243
February 11, 2016

Reliant Florida employee Amanda Hatcher crowned Miss Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL – Amid a blaze of lights and cameras on stage at St. John’s Country Day School on Saturday night, a Reliant Florida employee was crowned Miss Jacksonville. Amanda Hatcher, the 21-year-old legislative correspondent for the Florida-based political consulting firm, took the pageant title after addressing the audience and judges with her onstage question.

The title seems to be the next natural step for Hatcher, who has spent the last year meeting with officials on behalf of Reliant.

In her personal interview with the judges that cinched the title, she was asked to answer, “What would you do on a national scale with your platform?” It wasn’t a difficult reply for Hatcher, because she actively advocates the impact of fitness and nutrition on mental health as well as the importance of getting involved in local government.

“I’ve been able to speak to so many people in office through my job with Reliant,” Hatcher said, “so I told the judges that I would work with other government officials to figure out what we can do to effectively address mental health as a country.”

Addressing issues on a national scale is not unfamiliar to Hatcher, who is a bilingual Cuban-American. She previously traveled to Washington, D.C., on behalf of Reliant and conducted meetings with congressional members and staff. She also collaborates with local professionals  through her involvement in the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, and her new role as Miss Jacksonville unlocks yet another platform: She will visit schools across the Duval district and train children in how they can adopt physically and mentally healthy habits.

Matt Justice, Reliant’s CEO, said Amanda’s new role is just another example of positive actions that can help address Jacksonville’s crime problems.

“It’s a piece of the puzzle, getting to young people while they’re still in school, teaching them good habits and healthy perspectives,” he said. “Our Community Partners Initiative includes positive outreach policies that add value by allowing employees to engage in important community affairs.” he added.

Hatcher will next compete for Miss Florida, which is the affiliated state pageant of Miss America. She is appearing on WTLV Channel 12’s “The Chat” Thursday February 11, airing live at 3:00 p.m.

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March 4, 2015


Republic Polling survey reveals broad support for new Florida legislation

The results of a February 2015 poll conducted by Reliant Florida’s national affiliate Republic Polling, Inc. (a Washington D.C. based public opinion polling firm owned by Reliant Florida) revealed strong support for new rules protecting Florida’s youth from secondhand smoke exposure in outdoor public places and access to tobacco products.

Coral Springs, FL – QuitDoc Research and Education Foundation (QuitDoc) coordinated a statewide survey to study the attitudes of adult Floridians on tobacco issues that affect children. The survey was conducted because of a growing concern among parents that they are unable to completely protect their children from the risks of tobacco use.  The survey assessed public support for policies that would help to reduce those risks. The results of the February 2015 poll conducted by Republic Polling, a Delaware public opinion polling firm with offices in Florida, revealed strong support for new rules to protect children from secondhand smoke exposure in outdoor public places.  A remarkable 72% of the respondents felt that local governments should have the right to prohibit smoking in public places wherever children may be present, such as parks and playgrounds.  In addition, a substantial majority – 65% of respondents – believed that smoking should be prohibited in outdoor eating areas.

Tobacco prevention groups have clearly done a good job educating Floridians on the risks of secondhand smoke,” said Dr. Kirk Voelker, a Pulmonologist and Co-Founder of QuitDoc. “77% of those surveyed believe that secondhand smoke is very harmful to children. However, nearly 4 out of every 10 middle school students still reported exposure to secondhand smoke in the 2014 Florida Youth Tobacco Survey, including 19.0% that reported exposure to secondhand smoke in a public place. This public smoking makes it very hard for parents to completely protect their children.”

When asked about specific solutions to address this issue, an overwhelming 70% of those surveyed favored new rules to prohibit the use of tobacco products in state parks and beaches, with 54% strongly in favor of such a policy.  Similarly, 69% of respondents favored new rules restoring the rights of local governments to pass their own rules regarding outdoor smoking in municipal parks, playgrounds, and beaches, with 50% strongly in favor. Trying to protect children from secondhand smoke exposure in public has been made more complicated by The Florida Clean Indoor Air Act of 2003. 

While the law was designed to create smoke-free indoor workplaces, the statute includes a clause regulating local communities that prevents them from taking any additional steps to reduce secondhand smoke exposure in outdoor venues” added Dr. Voelker.  “Our survey results demonstrate that the citizens of Florida are very much in favor of removing that regulation.”

In addition to the research on secondhand smoke exposure, the survey collected data on youth access to tobacco products, including adult attitudes on the legal age to purchase tobacco and flavored tobacco products that are preferred by youth. According to the 2014 Florida Youth Tobacco Survey, 9.2% of high school students currently use any form of tobacco, and 8.8% of high school students currently use flavored tobacco.  This means that nearly 96% of high school tobacco users are using flavored tobacco. 71% of the adults surveyed were in favor of new rules requiring that flavored tobacco products be sold only in tobacco specialty stores, including 57% who were strongly in favor of such a rule. Similarly, 69% of the respondents also favored changing the legal age for tobacco purchases to 21, with 54% strongly in favor of such an increase.

85% of new tobacco users start between the ages of 12 and 17, and flavored tobacco products are their drug of choice,” said Dr. Voelker.  “Floridians seem to realize that increasing the legal age and limiting the sale of certain items to stores that restrict youth access will have a profound impact on youth tobacco use.”

To see the full survey, and to read the full story as released by QuitDoc Foundation you can click here and download the document.

There will be a media availability conference call with Kirk Voelker, MD and other QuitDoc representatives to answer questions regarding the survey on Thursday March 5, 2015 at 10:00 AM. Dial 772-200-4564 to attend. No PIN is required.


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March 3, 2015

Victoria Denmark awarded Woman of Distinction
Santa Fe College recognizes Reliant Florida employee

Gainesville, FL – The Santa Fe College Women of Distinction were honored during Women’s History Month in March.  Reliant Florida employee Victoria Demark, who is also a featured soloist, was selected for the award through an audition for the annual CDS Talent Showcase at Santa Fe to perform the National Anthem for the NCAA Baseball Playoffs at the University of Florida.

Victoria is a young professional who consistently brings substantial value to our business.” said Reliant Florida CEO Matt Justice.

One of the accomplishments Victoria Denmark was recognized for by Santa Fe was a uniquely successful anti-bullying campaign that was based on her own experiences growing up and navigating through the challenges of bullying as an honor student who participated in volleyball, basketball and cheerleading before being selected by her peers as Homecoming Queen.